Sheffield fundraiser stunned by third £5,000 donation

John Burkhill
John Burkhill
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A generous pensioner has donated his third £5,000 sum to legendary Sheffield fundraiser John Burkhill.

The big-hearted elderly man – who did not want to be named – had already given £10,000 in cheques to the Macmillan campaigner over the years.

Now he has handed over a third £5,200 from his savings to boost John’s bid to collect £1 million for the cancer charity.

The donor, from Sheffield, said: “I do think John is doing a grand job.

“Macmillan is the best charity in the market.

“Both my mother and my father died of cancer. I do hope this money will make a difference.

“Yes it is an awful lot of money – and there might be more to come.”

John, who walks across the city almost every day to collect cash for Macmillan after his wife died of cancer, is better known as the Mad Man With The Pram as he pushes his pram wearing a green wig.

He said he was blown away by the donor’s generosity.

John, aged 75, who lives in Richmond, Sheffield, added: “It was a fantastic thing to do and this is the third time now.

“To give £15,200 to charity is a terrific amount.”

Grandad John said the donor had only recently come out of hospital himself.

The total money donated will pay for 555 hours of nursing, said grateful bosses at Macmillan.

Rob Turner, fundraising manager for Sheffield and Chesterfield, said: “This is a fantastically generous donation and to have made not only one but three is just amazing.

“I just cannot thank this donor enough.

“The money he has given will provide 555 hours of vital nursing and so many people with the support that they desperately need.”

John’s next major race is set to be the new Sheffield half marathon, which takes place on Sunday, April 12.