Sheffield folk are the UK’s most ‘insecure wedding guests’

A survey has revealed that Sheffield folk are the UK's most insecure wedding guests.
A survey has revealed that Sheffield folk are the UK's most insecure wedding guests.
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An overwhelming 82 per cent of people from Sheffield feel inadequate at weddings when comparing themselves to other guests, a new survey reveals.

The Post Office gift card, One4all, surveyed 1,536 adults and found Sheffield folk to be the UK’s ‘most insecure wedding guests’.

Guests may feel uneasy with gossip, as 56 per cent of locals considered weddings an opportunity to share the latest updates on their lives with strangers as well as friends and family.

Aoife Davey, of One4all, said: “As with high school or college reunions, there’s always a sense of competition at weddings when it comes to sharing achievements or success stories.”

These anxieties persist despite serious efforts to clean up for the big day.

Wedding guests from Sheffield spend an average of 4.5 hours to get ready, and 74 per cent invest in a brand new outfit.

More than 50 per cent have their hair cut or styled before the celebrations, while 45 per cent go so far as to wash their cars.

Joy Hersey-Todd, a wedding planner based in Sheffield, said: “I’m not surprised at all by how much effort the guests go to in preparing for a wedding.

“People tend to feel quite privileged to be asked to be a part of the day and after all, it’s such a fantastic excuse for a new outfit.”

She added: “My guests enlist my services as they want their day to run smoothly. A key element of that is ensuring that everyone has a great experience, not just the couple.

“The more focus that you can give to this area in the planning stages then the more enjoyable the day will be.”