Sheffield flower festival returns after six-year gap

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A flower festival which has not been held in a Sheffield suburb for six years made a triumphant return at the weekend.

All manner of bright and beautiful blooms made up the Gleadless Flower Festival across its three days.

Bouquets of various sizes are put on display inside Gleadless Methodist Church in Gleadless Road, Gleadless Town End, every time the festival is held.

This year, the show’s theme was ‘giving thanks’ and tied into the role played by various emergency services in the community around the area and across Sheffield as a whole.

Displays were created tying into different emergency services, including mountain rescue, ambulance and air ambulance services.

The festival was opened on Friday by Reverend Stephen Pratt, followed by a festival service by Reverend Jenny Parks yesterday.

A church representative said: “There are many people and services we need to give thanks to, and many of us will have our own stories of help gratefully received.

“The Gleadless Flower Festival celebrated those people who give so much of themselves for us, and we give thanks for them.”

One of the organisers, Pam Meek, said: “The theme is giving thanks this year. We had the ambulance service and all the emergency services being represented, and we had a garden of remembrance for people who have served in the army.

“It’s celebrating the 100 years war and the anniversary of the First World War, giving thanks for everything that has been done by different services including the air ambulance, the Mountain Rescue, ambulance services.”

She said the festival has not been run for six years due to the level of organising it demands.

She added: “We haven’t held one for six years because it takes so much planning - a heck of a lot. We have been planning this one since last year.

“We have all been here last week from before 8am and not going home until late, and that’s just been last week.

“It has been worth it.”