Sheffield flood-hit residents ‘ignored by council’

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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RESIDENTS trapped in their homes because of standing flood water on the road outside have accused Sheffield Council of ignoring their plight.

They criticised the council for only putting ‘road closed’ signs and not removing the water.

Some residents on Lightwood Lane, Norton, were unable to leave their homes for days because of a 100 metre stretch of water standing at 2ft deep.

Those with 4x4 vehicles managed to get through the water but three motorists who tried to get out in their cars flooded their engines.

A neighbouring farmer used a pump to get rid of most of the water and the following day the council turned up with two tankers to remove the rest of the water.

Stephen Thompson, aged 52, said he and neighbours were angry at Sheffield Council for not pumping the water away earlier.

“Some people weren’t able to leave their homes for days - it is not acceptable,” he said.

“The council came out a couple of times but never managed to solve the problem and their solution was to put ‘road closed’ signs out in the hope the water will eventually subside.

“The council has access to specialist machinery or they could have hired a digger to dig the drain out rather than leaving us languishing there.” Mr Thompson, who owns Moss Valley Fine Meats, added: “We are talking people’s livelihoods here - the council needed to take this more seriously.”