Sheffield flats victim ‘playing tig’

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A little girl and her brother were playing ‘tig’ when she fell to her death from the fourth floor of a block of flats in Sheffield, a court heard.

Ryaheen Banimuslem, aged two, and her five-year-old brother were chasing each other around the fourth floor garden of the North Bank apartments in Willey Street, off the Wicker, when she plunged to the ground.

Building caretaker Robert Warner, aged 45, of Shirehall Crescent, Shiregreen, Sheffield, denies causing her manslaughter by gross negligence.

It is alleged he failed to replace a broken glass panel in a walkway barrier which could have prevented the youngster falling from the building in June 2012.

Giving evidence at Sheffield Crown Court, eyewitness Harbon Yusuf said she and her friend Saharlu Nuh were sitting in the garden enjoying the weather when they noticed the children playing.

She said: “There were three women and three children.

“The women were by the pond and one of them was taking photos on her mobile phone.”

Miss Yusuf said the children were running around.

“They were just playing tig,” she said.

“They disappeared around the corner and then they returned.

“They did it a second time and someone went to get them.

“The third time, one didn’t return.”

Miss Nuh told the jury: “The boy returned and the mother went to look for the girl. She went to the walkway and came back asking if we had seen her daughter.

“I got up and ran to the side of the walkway. I looked over the panel and saw the girl on the concrete ground.”

The statement of passer-by Anisa Ali was read to the jury.

She had been having a meal with friends on the Wicker and was returning to her car when she saw some girls trying to attract her attention from the flats.

“They shouted, ‘Call an ambulance, a child has fallen’,” she said.

The trial continues.