Sheffield family’s plea to stop execution of relative in Somaliland

A picture of Abdullah Ali who has been sentenced to death by firing sqaud.
A picture of Abdullah Ali who has been sentenced to death by firing sqaud.
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A Sheffield relative of a mentally ill man facing execution by firing squad in Somaliland is urging it’s British-educated president to intervene.

Umi Ahmed, aged 34, of Daniel Hill Terrace, in Walkley has said that her cousin, Abdullah Ali, 38, should be put into a secure hospital.

Mr Ali, who has severe psychosis, shot dead his friend in an argument back in 2014 – the supreme court has sentenced him to death by firing squad.

Umi who has hospital records of Abdullah’s severe issue with psychosis, is pleading with President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud to pardon her cousin after appeals were exhausted.

She said: “It’s been so stressful for all our family here in the UK and back in Somaliland.

“My cousin is severely ill, the hospital have records to say so but the courts have not taken this into account.

“It’s both against Somaliland law and Islamic law to kill a man who has mental health problems.

“I’m urging the president, please look into this, he does not deserve to die, he needs treatment in hospital.

Umi has said that the victim’s family denied ‘blood money’ and that they want Mr Ali to face death.

“I feel for the victims family, I can understand their anger and sadness but he is not well, he needs help.”

The family have said that Mr Ali was not allowed a lawyer in the regional court and when he was allowed one at the appeal, the court refuted claims of mental health condition.

The doctors treating Mr Ali handed over the medical records to prove his illness and said they were ‘shocked and stunned’ at the death sentence.

Mr Ali’s sister, Faisa, 27, of west London, has also pleaded for him to be transferred to a mental hospital.

She said:“We showed evidence of his mental health conditions and the courts didn’t want to know.

“It’s against the UN convention on human rights – the President spent time in Britain he knows how they would treat this here. I’m urging him to intervene and put this right.

“He could be executed at any time and waiting like this is horrible.”

The family’s case has the support of the pressure group Human Rights Watch, while the EU described it as ‘a step back’ in the progress made in spreading the rule of law in the country.

Sheffield City Council made history after becoming the first local authority in the UK to recognise Somaliland as an independent nation in 2014.

Somaliland is a semi-independent region in the north-west of Somalia which has enjoyed relative peace and stability in the last 20 years. It seeks to become fully independent.