Sheffield family’s plea for murderers to face justice

Justiceram/ Mohammed Arif Khan .....murder victim.
Justiceram/ Mohammed Arif Khan .....murder victim.
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RELATIVES of a Sheffield man gunned down over a land dispute in Pakistan have made a new plea for British authorities to intervene – 11 years after the murder.

Mohammed Arif Khan, aged 56, of Abbeydale Road, who had lived in Sheffield for 45 years, was shot 13 times in the chest, abdomen and arms in 2001.

He had returned to his ancestral village of Kartot, in the district of Kotli, Azad Kashmir, to reclaim land for his family – and was accompanied by police officers when the murder happened.

Three people were arrested and charged with murder, but the case was later dropped.

Mr Khan’s wife Tasleem and his children believe officials were bribed by relatives of the accused.

The family also say police who were with Mr Khan offered no evidence for the prosecution.

Mr Khan’s family contacted Clive Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield South East, five years ago, asking for help.

But Pakistani officials refused to reopen the investigation into Mr Khan’s death.

Now, his family hope for a change of heart, due to there being a different UK Government and precedence such as British officials persuading Greek authorities to reopen the investigation into the death of 17-year-old Matthew Cryer, from Killamarsh, who a British inquest ruled was unlawfully killed by bouncers at a nightclub.

Mr Khan’s family said: “It has been 11 years and there has been no progress in bringing these killers to justice.

“We hope that something can now be done in terms of pressure on the Pakistani authorities to reopen the case.”

Mr Betts said he would be willing to assist the family again if required.

He said: “With Matthew Cryer’s case, British officials have talked to people in Greece and the ambassador, which has led to the investigation being reopened.

“The Foreign Office can’t instruct the Pakistanis, but they could put pressure on.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said it is considering what action it can take.