Sheffield family’s anger at burst tank house damage

Kirsty Wilson, of Pitsmoor, whose rented home was flooded when a water tank in the loft burst.
Kirsty Wilson, of Pitsmoor, whose rented home was flooded when a water tank in the loft burst.
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A Sheffield family have been left with nowhere to sleep after a water tank in their rented property burst - sending gallons of water pouring through their home.

Jonathan Walker, aged 37, his partner Kirsty Wilson and their two children, aged three and five, have been put up in a hotel while repairs to their home on Denholme Close, Pitsmoor, are being carried out by landlord Guinness Northern Counties.

They are due to move back on Monday once repairs to the bedroom ceiling are finished.

But Jonathan, who has no insurance, says the water has caused damage throughout the house and the family have been told they will have to repair it themselves.

Jonathan said: “The children’s bedroom is damp, as is the living room.

“All the cupboards in the kitchen are cracked due to the water and the beds and carpets are ruined.

“I am currently unemployed and haven’t got the money to replace carpets and beds. Where are me and my family meant to sleep?”

A housing association spokesman said: “We were sorry to hear about the burst water tank in the Walkers’ home and have done everything we can to repair the tank and the damage to the ceiling as quickly as possible.

“We would not expect our customers to remain in their home under these conditions so we arranged for the family to stay at the nearby hotel and paid for their accommodation, breakfast and evening meal plus a daily allowance to cover other expenses such as lunches and taxi fares.

“The repairs, including re-plastering the ceiling, will be completed by the end of this week and we have extended the family’s stay at the hotel over the weekend to give them a chance to get their home ready for moving back into.

“We are also paying for redecoration of the property where required.

“However, in cases of accidental damage such as this, we cannot be held liable for any additional damage to personal possessions, including carpets.”

The spokesman said that the accidental damage clause was in the tenancy agreement and tenants were advised to have home contents insurance.