Sheffield family kick up a stink over bin

Andrea Roberts' eight-year-old old Cassius helps to push down the rubbish in the bin.
Andrea Roberts' eight-year-old old Cassius helps to push down the rubbish in the bin.
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Sheffield youngsters’ rubbish job to ensure bin is emptied

Andrea Roberts, aged 41, who lives with her five children on Samuel Road in Norfolk Park, said she was promised an extra-large black wheelie bin because of her large family in December.

She said she is filling her recycling bins too, but that her family still produces too much rubbish to fit in the ordinary-sized black bin.

Andrea - mum to Lacey, 22, Reed, 16, Cassiasha, 13, Saphire, 12, and Cassius, eight - said: “It’s so bad I am having to get the children to stand in the bin and squash the rubbish down, otherwise the lid won’t close and our bin will not be emptied. I’m also having to put out extra bags.

“I contacted the council last October to say I could not cope and to request a large bin. I was initially sent a letter saying I couldn’t have one and that I should recycle more.

“But I called them back in December because we still couldn’t cope and was told I could have a larger bin.”

Andrea said she has been on the telephone to the council and contractor Veolia repeatedly to ask for the bigger black bin to be delivered.

But she added: “Nobody has told me what is happening - although I have been given a second blue recycling bin instead of the box.

“The recycling bins are filled every fortnight but I still need the black bin.”

Andrea said she has also received ‘nasty letters’ from Sheffield Council accusing her of fly-tipping bags of rubbish she cannot fit in the bin.

The council said it has no record of any conversation in which Ms Roberts was offered a large bin.

But a spokesman added: “We will send a support officer to visit to see if her circumstances have changed.”