Sheffield family feature on Channel 5 show Benefits: My Big Benefits Family

The Kerrigan family appeared on Channel 5
The Kerrigan family appeared on Channel 5
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A Sheffield family featured tonight on Channel 5’s new series Benefits: My Big Benefits Family.

The Kerrigan family were the focus of the second episode of the new series of Benefits on Channel 5 at 8pm and Channel 5+1 at 9pm, in an episode entitles ‘My Big Benefits Family’.

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

As the show describes them: “The Kerrigans are a super-sized family who claim together and stay together. Three generations of this close-knit clan live in one of the most deprived parts of Sheffield and claim tens of thousands of pounds in benefits each year – but they do not lose any sleep over it. They insist that they are simply getting what they are entitled to.

“Mum-of-five Rose, 52, the head of the family, volunteers with sister Annette at the local food bank.

“Between them they claim more than £1,000 each month in benefits. Neither has ever had a full-time job.

“Annetteʼs son Adam is a father of four and has been on the dole for three years.

“He still lives at home with his mum while his girlfriend lives down the road in a different house with one of his kids.

Roseʼs nephew Robert is also on benefits, but this does not stop him from spending. Robert insists that his children wonʼt be dressed in “cheap tacky clothes”. The same goes for him too – he buys himself at least one pair of designer trainers every few weeks.”

The hour-long programme explored their lives in depth and featured a series of footage shot in their Sheffield home.

Twitter reacted to the family being featured on the show.

While the Kerrigans were unrepentant in their lifestyle choice, fellow Sheffielders were up in arms.

Here are a selection of messages sent to @SheffieldStar on Twitter.


This terrible but I can see why they won’t get a job when they get more money from benefits. Its’ a joke!!


Not exactly the cream of society, are they? And I pay tax so these “people” can breed and booze.


Kerrigans epitomise why benefits should be time-limited, not a lifestyle choice for the lazy


Embarrasing to Sheffield


Ashamed, not because they are on benefits because they have an appalling attitude.


wouldn’t be so bad if they wernt so proud,I’ve left a job n got another strate away..can be done!

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