Sheffield families voice fears over new crisis centre

29 Thornsett Road, Sheffield
29 Thornsett Road, Sheffield
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Families with young children have called for a risk assessment to be carried out before a mental health crisis centre opens in a Sheffield suburb.

Residents in Nether Edge urged charity Rethink to take measures to protect people living near its new facility in Thornsett Road.

The semi-detached property will be used to house patients who have been discharged from institutional care from this month.

Mum Rebecca Denoronha, of Kenwood Park Road, said: “I think that there has been a failure of transparent and appropriate risk assessment.

“I also think it is incredibly inappropriate that such an acute facility is adjacent to a family home.”

Rethink chief executive Paul Jenkins said: “Everyone who comes to our recovery houses comes voluntarily and must agree to certain rules, including abstaining from illegal drugs and alcohol. In any case of drug use at our Sheffield recovery house, we would work closely with partners to move the resident to a more appropriate service.”