Sheffield families urged to focus on names

Bob Mynors holds a naming ceremony at a Sheffield home.
Bob Mynors holds a naming ceremony at a Sheffield home.
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New parents in Sheffield are being urged to focus on the act of giving a name to their baby, as well as the task of picking one out.

Civil celebrant Bob Mynors is hosting an event aimed at encouraging families to make an ‘occasion’ out of naming their offspring.

It comes after the Office of National Statistics revealed the most popular names currently given to babies are Oliver and Amelia.

Bob, of Stannington, said: “Whatever people choose to call their children, the giving of names needs to be a special event in itself.

“It needs to be one that focuses not only on the joys of being a parent but on its responsibilities too.

“People who have religious convictions can usually find the support they need to do this, as all faiths have naming rituals which support those who believe. But not everyone does have religious conviction or a belief system to fall back on.

“A civil naming ceremony has no legal status, but it is something that offers a real alternative for people who don’t want to stand up and make vows to a god they don’t particularly believe in.”

Bob will be at the Healing Hands and Hillsborough Clairvoyance Group Psychic and Spiritual Fair, at Hillsborough Arena this Saturday, August 30, to talk about naming ceremonies.