Sheffield experts hail affordable housing jobs boost

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academics at Sheffield Hallam University have completed a study which shows 30,100 jobs in the Yorkshire region are supported by the area’s affordable housing providers.

The nine-month research project, comissioned by the Northern Housing Consortium, looked into the economic impact on the North’s affordable housing sector.

Although the majority of the impact is felt in the Yorkshire and Humber region, the study covered the north as a whole where nearly 700,000 people benefit from community work conducted by the housing sector.

Professor Paul Lawless, of Hallam University’s centre for regional economic and social research, led the study.

He said: “The scale and scope of activity of housing organisations would surprise many people.

“Activities likes repairs and construction create big economic impacts which ripple out into the wider economy.”

Jo Boaden, chief executive of the Northern Housing Consortium, said: “For every £1 million the Government invests in housing, we can create 51 additional jobs.”