Sheffield experiences warmest Halloween in 132 years

Autumn comes to Endcliffe Park
Autumn comes to Endcliffe Park
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Halloween was anything but spine-chilling in Sheffield this year as weather experts recorded the highest temperatures in 132 years.

Similar to the rest of the UK, Sheffield experienced an abnormally mild day on October 31, with temperatures peaking at 18.8C.

It was the warmest temperature recorded by Museums Sheffield’s Weston Park Weather Station on the spooky date since its records began in 1882.

The next warmest Halloween was in 1970, when temperatures reached 16.9C, and the coldest temperature recorded on the date was a spine-tingling -2.6C, in 1909.

Overall the average temperature for October 2014 was 11.9C, slightly down on last year’s average of 12.2C, but still well above average for the time of year. The maximum temperature for the month was a 20.2C.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural science at Museums Sheffield, said the unusually mild weather could account for an increase in ladybird sightings in the city during October.

“At this time of year, ladybirds are usually looking for somewhere warm to hibernate for the winter,” said Alistair. “However, the unusually mild weather at the end of October has given them the opportunity to be active later into the year than normal.

“Harlequin ladybirds in particular, a non-native species that came to our region around 15 years ago, have a habit of swarming in large numbers and can become very noticeable.”

The warm weather is not set to last long though, with morning ground frost beginning to creep in.

Forecasters predict temperatures will not rise above 12C throughout the week, with sunshine and showers turning to more wet and windy conditions.