‘Sheffield estate has its good side’ - Parson Cross residents

Police car on the corner of Adlington Crescent and Adlington Road, Parson Cross, Sheffield, following reports of a shooting. 10/10/13
Police car on the corner of Adlington Crescent and Adlington Road, Parson Cross, Sheffield, following reports of a shooting. 10/10/13
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Parson Cross ... is it a friendly neighbourhood, an awful place to live, or just like any other housing estate in Sheffield?

Residents called in The Star yesterday for a higher police presence following reports that a gun had been fired in the street in Parson Cross.

This week’s incident came almost a year to the day after shots were aimed at a house while a family slept inside.

That attack, last October, was among a series of incidents which led to South Yorkshire’s first ‘gang injunctions’ being issued.

So what is Parson Cross really like?

We asked the experts - the people who live in the area - what they think of the estate and if more police are needed.

The answers were divided but everyone was agreed Parson Cross is certainly not the worst estate in Sheffield.

Jill Hallam said: “The police we do have are fantastic and very supportive. When it was all kicking off last year they dealt with it brilliantly and there was a heavy police presence.

“It was reassuring to see so many police about but now it’s quietened down a bit you don’t see them as much.

“We do need more of the Sheffield North East Police Team about, but they need money to do that and the powers that be just want to make cuts.

“I think more patrol cars rather than foot officers would be good - they can respond more quickly.

“What is needed are more police, and the council needs to stop housing criminal families together.”

Patricia White said: “It is not a good place at this time but you have got trouble all over. More foot constables are needed on the estates in my opinion but not everyone will agree.”

Rose Wood said: “It is okay if you fit in. Parson Cross is not worse than other estates in Sheffield.”

Garet Land said: “I have lived on Parson Cross for five years and there are some great people up there.”

Vanessa Yule said: “Obviously it’s a massive estate so more people means more crime.”

Karla Thompson said: “Parson Cross is about the same as Shiregreen - both need a lot of police.”

But Ann Marie Mettam-Fox said: “Who wants to live in a place like that? Parson Cross is not the worst estate in Sheffield - but it is near the top of the list.”

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