Sheffield engineer's pioneering 3D printed prostate

A Sheffield engineer has broken new ground by creating Europe's first model prostate gland using a 3D printer.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 4:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 4:58 pm
A landmark advance in the management of prostate cancer has been developed by 23-year-old Sheffield engineering and polymer science masters graduate Hugo Lynch

Hugo Lynch, aged 23, has changed the way patients and doctors decide the best treatment options with his bespoke models, which can be ready in just three days.

Before the breakthrough, 3D printed models were only available in Europe for bones.

But now that soft tissues and organs like the prostate can be printed, it will allow patients with prostate cancer and other conditions to better explore and discuss their treatment options.

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Hugo, of Crookes, who graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2015 with a degree in engineering and went on to master in polymer science, said he was ‘very pleased’ with the breakthrough.

He said: “When a patient has an MRI scan, it’s very difficult to see the details on the print-outs.

“But with the 3D models patients can see very clearly, which helps them to understand and decide what the best treatment option is.”

Hugo’s company MPrint3D is based at University of Sheffield Enterprise. He is creating the models on behalf of Nuada Group.

Hugo said: “Possibly the next step forward in medical 3D printing could be in the area of bone injuries. The cutting edge scientists are also working towards creating 3D printed working organs, which combine the print technology to create the ‘scaffold’ and stem cell technology to create the organ itself.”

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