Sheffield Elected Mayor: Have YOUR say - apply to attend The Star debate

Elected Mayor? Join us to debate the issue on Monday, April 30, 2012.
Elected Mayor? Join us to debate the issue on Monday, April 30, 2012.
Have your say

VOTERS will decide next week whether Sheffield should have an elected mayor but The Star is giving you the chance to debate the issue with key players on Monday - apply here for one of our now limited places.

The event is taking place at Sheffield Hallam University’s Cantor Lecture Theatre, Arundel Gate, on Monday, April 30, from 6.30pm.

Panellists are to include chairman of the ‘yes’ campaign, chaired by Kevin Meagher, son-in-law of former Labour MP Joe Ashton who is a keen supported of elected mayors.

There will be the ‘no’ campaign and business representatives.

Star Editor Jeremy Clifford, who will chair the debate, said: “More than half of the seats for our debate have now been reserved by readers, just two days after we announced the event - which is a great response.

“But there is still time for anyone else who is interested to apply to be in the audience and take part in the question and answer session.”

Among those present will be Labour councillor Jack Scott, special advisor to Sheffield Council leader Julie Dore.

He said: “An elected Mayor would be bad for Sheffield, because it would put far too much power in the hands of one person. Checks and balances are really important, so this is very bad for democracy. A mayor also doesn’t have a ward to represent, so they don’t have those local experiences to keep them grounded. Politicians very quickly become much more distant and isolated in a mayoral system.”

But Mr Meagher argues a strong leader would be good to speak up for the city on the national and international stage.

* For a chance to attend the debat email us at

We will notify successful readers by the end of the weekend.