Sheffield drug den tenant loses his home

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A Sheffield tenant let drugs be dealt from his flat and plagued neighbours with parties, fighting and bonfires, a court heard.

After a police raid in which 50 bags of cannabis and heroin were found, the property, at Halfway Gardens, Halfway, was boarded up under a ‘crack house closure order’.

Now the tenant, 23-year-old Danny Challenger, has formally been evicted after a hearing at Sheffield County Court.

Challenger had only been given the tenancy in September last year.

But, in the court hearing, lawyers for Sheffield Council said: “Almost immediately after Challenger moved into the property, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield Council’s housing service started to receive complaints from neighbours about anti-social behaviour.

“They reported that Challenger and visitors were holding loud parties, fighting, throwing rubbish and bottles out of windows, having bonfires, climbing over fences into neighbours’ gardens and riding a quad bike on estate footpaths and a nearby school field.

“It was also alleged that drugs were being dealt from the property.”

The court heard police raided the flat in February, finding 50 bags of cannabis and heroin.

Challenger was also arrested in April 2013 close to his flat and found in possession of a substantial quantity of cannabis, the court was told.

The flat was made subject of a crack house closure order in May, after which Challenger was unable to live in or enter the property, and possession proceedings were started.

Challenger fought the case, but District Judge Maureen Young said he was ‘satisfied that there had been drug dealing and anti-social behaviour’ – and granted the council possession.