Sheffield drivers: cameras are a ‘cash cow’

Speed camera
Speed camera
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Most Sheffield drivers said they believed speed cameras were ‘money-makers’ after new figures showed one in the city caught almost 15,000 people in three years.

More than 250 people took part in The Star’s website vote on the topic yesterday after a report on the camera on the A57 Sheffield Parkway.

By 3pm 208 people had said cameras were just money-makers – securing 79 per cent of the vote – and 55 people said they improved road safety.

Debate also raged among readers.

Musicmatt wrote: “I think it sensible to put them in accident black spots.

“As for a lot of cameras, they are simply cash cows.”

But Mancblade said: “There is a lot to be said about speed cameras but as for ‘a money-making machine’I couldn’t disagree more.

“If they were all about making money, they would line the central reservation of every motorway snapping people exceeding the 70mph speed limit.”

And another user wrote: “I’ve never been done because I don’t speed, but it doesn’t alter the fact that these cameras are generally not even in accident blackspots where speed is more likely to be a factor; they are just put in the places where they think they can make the most revenue.”