Sheffield dog lovers appeal for help for Harvey

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Two Sheffield pet-lovers are trying to raise money to give a dog they have only had for two weeks life-saving treatment.

Simon and Keeley Shirtcliffe already had two dogs, two cats, eight ferrets and fish at their house in Stannington, before they took in nine-month-old Harvey.

Harvey’s original owner had passed him to another person before they moved to China.

However, after his new owner struggled to cope with him, the labrador was passed on to the Shirtcliffes.

Keeley, aged 41, a medical secretary at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital in Fir Vale, said: “When we got home, he was bumping into things, drooling and walking around in circles.

“He wasn’t what a nine month-old labrador should be.”

The couple took Harvey to a vet, where they were told he possibly had a liver shunt and, if there was no improvement in 24 hours, then they might be better off putting him to sleep.

Unwilling to give up on their new pet so soon, they insisted the vet tried to improve his condition.

Harvey is now on daily antibiotics and a specialised low protein diet.

However, Keeley said tests had come back confirming Harvey does have a liver shunt – and an operation will cost at least £5,000.

Having already spent £400 on blood tests and other treatment in the past fortnight the couple say they cannot afford to cover these costs alone.

Keeley said: “We feel so sorry for Harvey, he’s not asked for any of this.

“He’s a beautiful dog and he’s settled in lovely with our other dogs.

“We just want to give him the best shot that we possibly can, without having to give up on him and put him to sleep.”

A liver shunt occurs when the blood flow to and through the liver is compromised – a blood vessel carries blood around the liver instead of through it.

It is a condition typically associated with dogs.

Keeley and Simon, a 46-year-old self-employed painter and decorator, are using Facebook page Helping Harvey to post regular updates on his progress.

They have set up a bank account solely for donations towards his treatment.

n Anyone wishing to donate can contact them on