Sheffield documentary lifts lid on effects of stillbirth

Still Loved
Still Loved
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A powerful documentary about infant loss opens in the city this month, to coincide with Baby Loss Awareness Month.

‘Still Loved’ follows the lives of seven families as they come to terms with the grief of losing a child.

The film, created by independent Sheffield film company Big Buddha, and supported by national baby charity, was unveiled at Showroom Cinemas in Sheffield last night - the home city of director Debbie Howard.

“The parents were very happy to finally have a voice,” said Debbie, founder of Big Buddha films and a guest lecturer at a number of universities.

“When a baby dies, it’s still a baby. It’s still a child that is loved, cherished and wanted. Parents feel they can’t talk about their baby because other people don’t know how to cope with it.”

Dr Alex Heazell, director of Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre, at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, said: “The subject matter of Still Loved is emotionally challenging, it should be, this is not a film to make the viewer feel comfortable. To make progress, we must break the silence, the stigma and the taboo that surrounds the death of a baby. Still Loved begins this process, providing an accessible, original and profound insight into the effects of the death of baby.

“Each year in the UK, over 5,000 parents leave hospital without their baby. One in four pregnancies end in a loss. These deaths, however, are hidden from society, stigmatised and silent. Still Loved overcomes this silence by showing parents’ stories of stillbirth and brilliantly giving a voice to all those affected.”

Still Loved will be on digital platforms from November 1 and has been selected for upcoming festivals in Bejing, China and Ireland.