Sheffield Derby: Fans condemn ‘shameful behaviour’ after missile thrown at Sheffield United player

Fans have been left outraged after a missile was thrown at Sheffield United’s Jack O’Connell as he prepared to take a throw-in.

Jack O'Connell  (pic: Simon Bellis/Sportimage)
Jack O'Connell (pic: Simon Bellis/Sportimage)

Sky replays confirmed that a missile was thrown at the defender’s head just minutes into the Sheffield Derby as he prepared to take a throw in. 

Both sets of fans on Twitter were quick to condemn the action, with many labelling it as ‘shameful’.

Jack O'Connell (pic: Simon Bellis/Sportimage)

Elle tweeted: “What do you gain from throwing things at football players? Football should be fun, not dangerous. Shameful behaviour from the support.”

Kit Marsden tweeted: “Coins or bottles beyond thrown at players… Lifetime bans for anyone found to be doing that. Disgraceful behaviour. What goes through the mind of someone to think that is a good idea?!”

Star journalist Danny Hall tweeted: “Sky replays have just confirmed Jack O'Connell had an item thrown at him from the stands as he prepared to take a throw-in #sufc #twitterblades #swfc”

Earlier this evening, footaged posted by Star reporter Dan Hayes, showrf the two sets of fans being kept apart by police by Leppings Lane tram station. 

In the video, a cordon of police are gathered around a group of fans who are chanting and singing as officers on horses keep apart another group of fans. 

Riot vans from Northumberland were also seen sheparding Sheffield Wednesday fans to the game earlier in the evening.