Sheffield dad’s stranger warning

David Cryer with his daughter who was approached by a man in his car near to her home in Frecheville
David Cryer with his daughter who was approached by a man in his car near to her home in Frecheville
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A worried dad has issued a warning to other parents after his teenage daughter was approached by a strange man in a car who asked for her personal details.

David Cryer’s daughter Molly, aged 16, was stopped by the man as she walked to a friend’s house close to her Sheffield home.

The man asked for her name, phone number and Facebook details but was ignored by Molly and he eventually drove away.

David, whose son Matthew Cryer was unlawfully killed in Greece while on his first holiday alone at the age of 17, said: “Molly was walking up the road when this car approached her.

“The driver stopped and asked her name, and then asked for her Facebook and telephone number.

“Luckily she knew to ignore him and keep walking, and he drove away.”

Former Birley Community College student Molly was approached as she walked on Thornbridge Road in Frecheville.

David, of Thornbridge Drive, said he wanted other parents in the area to be aware of what had happened so they could alert their children.

He added: “Now Molly is scared to go out on a night. I have to keep walking with her when she goes to see her friends and it has left us quite worried as well.

“I want to keep an eye out for her.

“It wasn’t even that late at night when this happened so I do want other parents to know what went on.

“You never know what could happen otherwise.”

The man who approached Molly was Asian, with a bald head, and was driving a silver Vauxhall Astra.

Police officers have visited the Cryer family after the incident, at around 8pm last Saturday, January 11, was reported this week.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed the matter had been reported and officers had spoken to the family.

Information about the incident has been submitted for intelligence purposes, she added. Anyone with information should call 101.