Sheffield dad joined by his girl lollipop

Father & Daughter  Crossing team , Eddie & Wendy Parton  Cheers to  a job well done .
Father & Daughter Crossing team , Eddie & Wendy Parton Cheers to a job well done .
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It’s a case of like father, like daughter for this lollipop-toting duo.

Eddie Parton, aged 66, and daughter Wendy, 43, are keeping it in the family when it comes to guiding youngsters to school safely.

The pair, who live in Crookes, have been honoured by Sheffield Council as part of the 60th anniversary of school crossing patrols for their work in the Stephen Hill area of Crosspool.

Father-of-two Eddie helps pupils from Lydgate Infant School, while part-time barmaid Wendy mans the patch which covers the juniors and King Edward VII Lower School.

It all began when Eddie was made redundant from his work at the butcher’s counter of the local Co-op.

He said: “I left work but I didn’t want to stop, so I applied and got the job. It keeps me quite fit.

“It’s a brilliant job, the kids are great and you get to watch them all grow up and get to know the children and their parents. I really enjoy it.

“As long as I can walk across the road all right I’ll carry on doing it.”

Seeing how much her father’s new role kept him young at heart, Wendy decided to follow in his footsteps and juggle her job as a barmaid at The Ball Inn, Crookes, with being a lollipop lady.

Eddie said: “I started out where Wendy is now but the lady who covered the infants took ill and had to retire.

“I went to cover her and Wendy said ‘I could do that job’.”

Wendy added: “I’ve been doing it for 11 months now and I really love it. Virtually every day we set off out to Crosspool together.”

They have both been awarded special Diamond Jubilee certificates from the council as part of this week’s crossing warden celebrations.

The duo start their day with a brew before donning their bright uniforms and heading out to their morning shift.

Wendy sometimes has to go off to work at the pub before returning for the afternoon, but they still see each other every day.

And anyone who thinks working together, living together, and even dressing the same might put a strain on the father-daughter relationship should think again - these two are closer than ever.

Widower Eddie said: “It’s a busy road we cover so we look out for each other. It’s nice to know she’s not far away. And both my daughters live at home with me so I’m used to it by now!”