Sheffield cyclist’s legal battle

Peter Vaughan, a cyclist who was injured in a crash in Ireland
Peter Vaughan, a cyclist who was injured in a crash in Ireland
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A Sheffield cyclist left with a fractured skull in a hit-and-run crash is still fighting to get his life back on track years later.

Retired architect Peter Vaughan, who lives in Nether Edge, was hit by a car from behind as he returned from buying a paper while on holiday to visit his son in Clondalkin, Dublin.

The 65-year-old has had to undergo various operations to treat multiple fractures to his right leg and skull, injuries to his right eye, damage to his kidney and injuries to his right shoulder.

But the dad-of-two is now hoping that a lengthy legal battle against the car’s insurers will provide him with funds for further rehabilitation after learning his case can be pursued in England.

Peter, who spent 13 days in hospital and still suffers long-term pain after the crash in October 2010, said: “My life changed completely when I was knocked off that bike and the three years since have been a difficult period where I have been forced to come to terms with the fact that I will now always struggle to do a lot of the hobbies that I used to love – I will never ride a bike again.

“It has been a long journey to this point but hopefully we are heading towards a conclusion that will compensate me for the injuries and losses I have sustained.”

Lawyers at Sheffield law firm Irwin Mitchell have, after complex discussions, secured a decision from the Irish Injuries Board which means that Mr Vaughan’s claim for a settlement can be brought in England, instead of the Republic of Ireland.

Specialist solicitor Jennifer Lund, who represents him, said: “Peter suffered severe injuries through no fault of his own when he was knocked off his bike and it has made a lasting impact on his life.

“His story should serve as a clear warning to motorists that they need to drive responsibly and cautiously, particularly on roads used by cyclists, to avoid incidents like this happening.”