Sheffield ‘crisis house’ inquest starts

29 Thornsett Road, Sheffield
29 Thornsett Road, Sheffield
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A Sheffield woman with mental health issues was found dead beneath a second-floor window hours after being admitted to a ‘crisis house’, an inquest heard.

Lucy Moffatt, aged 31, from Nether Edge, who was battling with psychosis, died on July 9 last year at the facility for those with mental health issues, the jury at Sheffield Coroner’s Court was told.

She was assessed by mental health professionals at 3pm that day and found to have unspecified non-organic psychosis, before being referred to a mental health care facility on Thornsett Road, Nether Edge.

Ms Moffatt was found beneath the window of her room just hours later, at about 9.25pm, before dying from injuries sustained from hitting the ground.

Coroner Christopher Dorries told the jury they will hear evidence suggesting the second-floor window’s restrictors were not locked and it was wide open when she died.

Ms Moffat had worked as a cohesion migration and safety officer at Sheffield City Council but had a history of mental health issues and was arranging to leave her work around the time of her death, the jury was told.

At about 9pm part-time staff member Tracey Odirichukwu, who had spoken to her several times that day, went to check on Ms Moffatt after being told a ‘safeguarding issue’ had been raised – which she later found was a fear Ms Moffatt voiced that she might be raped.

But she found Ms Moffatt being given medication by a male staff member with no sign she felt at risk, the court heard.

She said: “There was no indicator throughout my shift things would go as they did. There was no indication of attempt to self harm or any actions or words that she had demonstrated in front of me, or any type of behaviour to indicate that that was going to happen.”

The inquest, due to last two weeks, continues.