Sheffield couple take up car free challenge

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A SHEFFIELD couple are taking on the challenge of going on holiday without a car.

Catherine Ball and her husband Jon won a three-night holiday to the Lake District after entering a competition with GoLakes travel company.

The only catch is they have to hand over their car keys as soon as they arrive.

The couple will have to find ways of getting around using boats, boots, bikes and buses with their two children - one-year-old Jessica, and Sophie, three.

The competition is part of the company’s Drive Less, See More campaign, which hopes to encourage holidaymakers to ditch the car and find more eco-friendly ways of getting around in a bid to cut down pollution.

Catherine said: “Part of the reason I entered was because I thought we should use the car less.

“We often end up using the car because of the kids, so this trip should help us try to think about using alternatives to the car.”