Sheffield councillor’s coin campaign victory

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A Sheffield councillor’s campaign to see a ‘heroine’ war nurse honoured on a new coin has been successful.

Sioned-Mair Richards started a petition calling for Edith Cavell - who worked as a nurse in Belgium during World War One and saved the lives of many soldiers - to be featured in January.

The appeal attracted the support of more than 100,000 people, including the descendants of the nurse, and was presented to the Treasury in May.

Now a new commemmorative £5 coin will bear the face of the nurse.

Shiregreen Coun Richards said: “It all started because I was feeling so grumpy about the announcement of a Kitchener coin to commemorate World War One.

“Yet again, the establishment seemed only to be able to feature military men.

“Edith is precisely the woman who needed to be remembered as we approach the centenary.

“What a role model.”

Support for the campaign came from all parties, and even miners in County Durham whose banner features Edith.

Coun Richards thanked Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis in particular for raising the subject in Parliament last week.

She added: “I rather suspect his question might have produced the final nudge to get us over the finishing line.

“Our campaign ought to be an inspiration to others who want change.”