Sheffield Council unites in vote for PCC Shaun Wright to quit

Under-fire police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright
Under-fire police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright
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A vote of no confidence in South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has been unanimously passed by Sheffield councillors today.

Politicians from all parties united to say Mr Wright should resign from his post in the wake of the Rotherham scandal, where a report showed that 1,400 girls had been victims of child sexual exploitation.

At the full Sheffield Council meeting UKIP councillor and former police inspector Jack Clarkson, who also called for the senior command team at South Yorkshire Police to be ‘disbanded’, said: “He is acting like Ming the Merciless, he won’t relinquish his power.

“He’s on £85,000 a year and has made a real mess of what he’s been doing in Rotherham. There’s only one way for it - go Mr Wright, go.”

Opposition Liberal Democrat members had proposed the vote of no confidence, and party leader Colin Ross said: “We are united in calling for the police and crime commissioner to stand down. He has lost the confidence of his own party, across South Yorkshire, and most importantly with the public and young people - we can’t go on like this.”

Council and Labour leader Julie Dore said she felt ‘sickness’ and ‘anger’ at the report.

There is to be an ‘urgent assessment’ to make sure Sheffield is responding to child sexual exploitation effectively whenever it is a concern.

Coun Dore also said the Government needs to ‘rectify’ the situation which means Mr Wright cannot be made to quit.

Green party councillor Rob Murphy said: “I think there is a clear message from this chamber that Mr Wright needs to do the right thing.

“But it is more important that we do what we can to prevent the same thing happening in Rotherham.”

Calls for Mr Wright’s resignation have been made in the wake of the report, and even Prime Minister David Cameron backed them.

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