Sheffield Council tells restaurant to remove offensively named burgers

A Sheffield restaurant has been told to remove offensively named burgers from its menu or face action from the council.

Thursday, 6th December 2018, 9:55 am
Updated Thursday, 6th December 2018, 10:00 am
Councillor Jack Scott.

Sheffield Council says Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers is 'propagating a toxic culture' by selling burgers which 'glamourise non consensual sex acts'.

The West One restaurant had apologised previously after complaints about its 'The Weinstein' burger and amended the menu.

But Sheffield Council has now asked it to remove other burger names including 'Fake Taxi' and 'Ca$ting C0uch' and has warned it will take action.

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Coun Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Development, says in a letter: 'These items demonstrably glamourise non-consensual sexual acts and in doing so, they propagate a toxic culture which objectifies women. Bluntly, the names of these items are not acceptable.

'Numerous complaints have been received concerning the names and these are being investigated by the Licensing Team.

'A reasonable person would conclude that the naming of such items if deliberately contrived to cause offence and is in violation of Sheffield Council's licensing objectives.

'I would direct you to alter the names voluntarily, prior to more formal action being considered.'

The restaurant previously apologised on Facebook over its 'The Weinstein' named burger. It said: 'Randy's Hardcore Hamburgers Sheffield would like to genuinely apologise for any offence it has caused for its insensitive naming of the Weinstein burger. And as such have amended our menu.

'At no point does Randy's look to glamourise or promote sexual assault towards any member of the community.

'We realise our mistake and trust that the People of Sheffield accept our sincere apologies and understand that we are guilty of nothing more than poor taste.'