Sheffield council should set example

Having just read the article on the litter and rubbish that blights our city, I think that the council should get its own house in order.

Thursday, 4th August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 4th August 2016, 7:04 am

I took some photos around the Town Hall, including this one showing litter down the steps to the really useful closed toilets.

They’ve probably been sold to the Chinese.

I live near ancient meadows and fabulous woods, and the amount of litter that’s dropped on these areas is unbelievable and that’s despite the fantastic estate teams constantly removing fly-tipped rubbish.

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Where I live we have two large grey overspill bins just in case the chute is blocked or the bags are too large to go down the chute.

However, tenants in the surrounding properties who have their own bins can’t be bothered to use theirs because it means having to put them out for emptying, so they just dump their refuse and unwanted household items in our bins.

For more than 10 years I’ve sent addresses of the people who have left their particulars in the dumped rubbish to the council and what’s happened? Nothing.

You can walk in and around town on any day of the week and see litter being dropped but you never see any litter wardens.

Only last week the workmen who are erecting the boring new building on the Moor were on the benches eating their snap and the ground was covered in sandwich cartons and wrappers.

Where were the wardens? Probably hovering around the Winter Garden, as always.

The Moor benches must have been there now for around 10 years, some not so long, and in that time they have never been washed, they are filthy.

If I can see these things why can’t the council officials?

The litter bins are a disgrace, it seems we have to rely on the rain to wash them.

Block paving is dug up and never put back in place but is replaced by asphalt which looks terrible.

So all I can say is: “Oi, council, no, get your finger out and get something positive done, put your own house in order and set an example. Heavily fine the fly-tippers, the rubbish dumpers who spoil our town and the estates. A cleaner city is a good city”.

The Green Giant