Sheffield Council rehiring ‘droves’ of staff it made redundant

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Sheffield Council has rehired ‘droves’ of staff made redundant with large payoffs, a whistleblower has claimed.

The female staff member said several council departments were bringing ex-workers back in through an employment agency.

And although posts had been scrapped, she said they were performing the same or a similar role under a new title .

The employee, who declined to be named for fear of losing her job, said: “In my department we have had two members of staff made redundant in March – with large pay-offs totalling thousands of pounds of public money – come back.

“They are doing the same job as previously – people are coming back in droves.”

A Freedom of Information request to the council, as part of The Star’s Your Right to Know campaign, asking for details of how many staff had been rehired, and their payouts, was rejected.

The council said it did not hold a record of staff made redundant and then rehired and to compile it would have taken more than the 18-hour threshold for responding to such requests.

A council spokeswoman said it was ‘impossible’ for former staff to return to the same job, as posts were deleted.


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She said: “Any redundant person is entitled to return to employment. That includes joining an agency and returning to work, including with their ex-employer in a different capacity.

“The council is no different, except that in local government if there is less than a month between redundancy and return, the payment may be forfeited.”