Sheffield Council paid staff £1,500 to bike to business meetings - figures reveal

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Sheffield Council has paid staff £1,500 in the past two years for cycle journeys made for work, figures revealed The Star’s Your Right To Know campaign show.

The council pays an allowance for business journeys made by bike at a rate of 20p per mile.

In 2013-14, staff cycled 2,405 miles, resulting in total claims of £481.

In 2014-15, the figures rose to 5,168 miles and £1,032.

In the second year, the allowance was also paid to school staff and teachers.

However, no councillors received the allowance.

The council said the rate was payable for travel between meetings only, not for travel to work.

A spokesman said: “The council is following Government policy in offering the Inland Revenue’s 20p a mile rate to staff for business travel on bikes.

“Almost every major organisation across the UK has the same rates for staff.

“We also want to encourage more staff to use their bikes.”