Sheffield Council leader throws ‘full weight’ of authority behind HS2 station campaign

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Almost 10,000 jobs would be created if Sheffield’s HS2 station was in the city centre rather than the 3,000 at Meadowhall, according to research.

The figures - which also show a city centre station for the high speed line would generate £2-5 billion more economic benefits - were stressed after Sheffield Council’s leader said she was throwing the authority’s ‘full weight’ behind the campaign to bring the route into the centre of Sheffield.

Coun Dore, reacting to a speech from Lord Kerslake on city centre stations for HS2, said: “Locating the HS2 station in Sheffield city centre is absolutely crucial in helping the north to reach its full economic potential. We need a fast, connected transport network, where HS2 and HS3 seamlessly link, to enable people to move between Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and London quickly and easily.”

A final decision on the location is due in the autumn.