Sheffield Council drivers caught speeding and parking illegally

More than 100 Sheffield Council drivers have been caught breaking the rules of the road.

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 9:13 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 9:16 am
More than 100 council drivers have been caught breaking the rules of the road

Nineteen council drivers have been issued with speeding tickets, 55 were caught going through bus lanes illegally and another 32 were slapped with parking fines.

The list of driving misdemeanours was revealed in an FOI, requested by the Local Democracy Service, covering 2017/18.

The council has 1,180 drivers and 876 vehicles and says it’s down to the individuals to take responsibility for fines and penalties.

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With speed awareness courses and points, the council says it doesn’t hold information as “this would be a transaction between employee and the enforcement agency”.

And in the same way, the council says any parking or bus lane fines incurred are paid by the individual.

The road safety charity Brake said the council should do more to educate staff on the dangers of speeding.

A spokesman said: “Driving over the speed limit is selfish, dangerous and puts lives at risk. Everyone who drives should abide by speed limits and respect all other road users, and those driving for work are no exception.

“We urge greater communication of the need for safe driving behaviours by employers, such as provided by our Brake Professional service, and call upon the Government to invest in roads policing as a matter of priority.

“Drivers need to know that if they speed they will be caught and punished, providing a true deterrent to dangerous driving on our roads.”