Sheffield Cooks: Tender pork with a spicy Spanish kick

Succulent Moss Valley pork is used in this beautiful, tasty dish by Andy Gabbitas from The Wortley Arms, and is supplied by Moss Valley Fine Meats.

Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 3:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 3:45 pm

The recipe features in the Sheffield Cookbook: Second Helpings, which is available to buy on Amazon, Waterstone’s and venues featured in the book.

For the pork:

4 x 150g piece Moss Valley pork fillet

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8 slices parma ham

600g piece of Moss Valley belly pork

1 lemon

Sea salt, coarse

For the sweet potato puree:

250g sweet potato, diced

25g butter

Hot sweet smoked paprika


For the harissa:

2 tsp ground cumin

20 g fresh red chilli, chopped

40g piquillo peppers

3 cloves garlic

Small bunch coriander

1 lemon, juice of

30ml olive oil

½ tsp salt

For the green beans and piquillo peppers:

150g green beans

50g piquillo peppers

1 tsp cumin seeds

Salt, to season


For the pork:

Wrap the pork fillet in Parma ham, then roll it in cling film to produce a cylinder, and leave it to form for one hour.

Cut the lemon in half and rub it all over the skin of the belly pork.

Then sprinkle with sea salt and leave to rest for 15 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180°c. by way of preparation.

Once the oven is at the right temperature, cook the belly pork in the oven for 40 minutes.

After that, turn the oven temperature down to 160°c for 40 minutes, and finally turn the oven down to 140°c for 40 minutes more.

When it is cooked through and is tender, cut the pork belly into serving-size pieces.

Turn the oven back to 180°c so that it is ready for the pork fillet.

For the sweet potato purée:

Boil the sweet potato until mashably soft, then drain and blend with the butter, a pinch of sweet paprika and salt, until of smooth consistency.

For the harissa:

Blend all the harissa ingredients together. Then set this to one side for a short while.

For the green beans and piquillo peppers:

Boil the green beans until al dente.

Fry the piquillo peppers and cumin seeds lightly together until they are cooked, then add the green beans to the mix and season.

To finish and serve:

Pan-fry the pork fillet then cook in the oven (at 180°c) for about seven minutes – the pork will be a little pink, but do cook it for longer if required.

Then leave the meat to rest for around five minutes before carving.

Preparation time: one hour |

Cooking time: two hours 30 minutes.

This tasty recipe will serve a meal for four people.