Sheffield company releases guide to clean up recycling ‘mess’

A Sheffield-based company has created a guide to help simplify recycling after complaints from councillors and residents.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 9:13 am
The waste storage pit, where the waste is mixed. Picture: Marie Caley

Intelligent Hand Dryers, on Concourse Way, said they found people were ‘baffled’ about what they are able to put in brown waste bins.

Sheffield Council say they accept ‘plastic bottles’ on their website but do not clarify what types of plastics they cannot take.

Councillor Paul Turpin, representative for Gleadless Valley ward, said he asked the council to specify when he was elected earlier this year.

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He said recycling in the city was ‘a mess’ and that the response was unclear.

Andrew Cameron, founder of Intelligent Hand Dryers, said by comparison Leeds Council was much clearer.

He said: “By and large, the general public has a strong desire to be more environmentally friendly and reduce its carbon footprint, but local businesses, such as ourselves, and councils have a responsibility to support this.

“It’s crucial Sheffield Council reviews the current information its putting out, which many find confusing and unhelpful, and I for one will be campaigning for better education around plastic recycling in the city. There’s no point in the council offering a recycling service which is then going to be contaminated through unclear information. Hopefully our infographic will help to make a difference.”

The British Science Association last year found eight out of 10 Britons believed recycling made a difference but could not answer questions on recycling knowledge.

According to their guide there are only two out of seven plastics that can be recycled by Sheffield Council.