Sheffield comes to the rescue of earthquake victims

Birkdale pupils climbing in Nepal
Birkdale pupils climbing in Nepal
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The devastation wrought by the worst earthquake ever seen on Mount Everest shocked the world this week.

Almost 2,000 people died in the disaster, including a man on a trip to Everest run by tour company Jagged Globe, based in Kelham Island.

The tragedy also hit close to home for staff and pupils at Birkdale School in Broomhill, which has been running trips to Nepal for the past 15 years.

Regular expeditions are made to help in several poor schools on the edge of the Kathmandu plateaux, and the latest group returned from a three-week visit just two weeks ago.

The region’s Peace Garden School - built by Birkdale - was largely undamaged following the quake, and no children were in the school at the time.

However, extra fundraising events are being planned by Birkdale to assist the plight of those in Nepal. The school hopes that, because of its good contacts in the area, it should be able to direct funds straight to where they are needed.

Keith Brook, the school’s expedition leader, said: “It’s been wonderful to hear all our friends have survived, but the situation on the ground for the next few days and weeks will be very serious.”

Jagged Globe had more than 70 climbers on Everest when the earthquakes happened. One of them, Google executive Dan Fredinburg, died along with 16 others in an avalanche at Base Camp.

David Hamilton and Chris Groves, Jagged Globe’s leaders on Dan’s tour, escaped safely.

Aid workers from Sheffield-based charity Phase Worldwide are also helping survivors. The quake on Saturday measured 7.8 on the Richter scale.