Sheffield, city of Christmas past

Cockaynes, Sheffield
Cockaynes, Sheffield
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Linda Mary Luke

Kettwig, Germany

In response to the gentleman who chose not to use eBay one day and venture to town for a pleasant shopping experience.

I know exactly how they feel.

Sheffield is one step forward and three back in my opinion.

Of course I'm from the Cole Brothers day's, (John Lewis's), Cockaynes, Atkinsons and good old Marks and Sparks, and we're you were nobly dealt with at the general post office, in Fitzalan Square. 

They were nice shopping days, when you stepped into John Lewis it was like another world, greeted with a smile, and nothing was too much trouble. Now the entrance is shabby and doorways lined with homeless people.

The once great building that housed the telephone exchange and post office stands empty, probably waiting for another cheap and nasty store ready to be opened, and we all have to make do with one line at the Wilks to buy a stamp.

High Street full of pawn shops, second hand electrical shops, and of course the daily sight of homeless lining the streets.

Service what’s that?

I ventured into the bank, no one in sight, after several attempts trying to get to grips with a machine I didn't understand was pointed to the one remaining person at the counter behind a mile long queue, and made to feel like an idiot for not using the automatic system when I got to the front of it.

I ask myself is this progress? 

Is it just me who misses the personal touch, where you popped into the local butcher and he knew your name, a smile, a cheery little chat as someone wrapped the stuff you had just bought.

Sheffield is no longer Sheffield, lost in time and the service long gone.