Sheffield City Council - Hypocrites or just inefficient?

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As I drive around Sheffield I see numerous electronic signs on which Sheffield City Council. Display such advice as to ‘Drive less’ or change from using ‘diesel’ All intended to reduce pollution, yet this Council must be one of the worst for causing unnecessary pollution.

Throughout the City there are ‘crossroads’ governed by traffic lights which all go to red when no traffic is approaching,so when traffic does approach,It has to stop, causing pollution. When in the past, lights remained at green on the main road,to allow the main bulk of vehicles to proceed.

There a lot’s of main roads when the traffic lights change to red,for the side road, when there is no traffic on them. again an unnecessary stop and even more pollution. When an engine is under load it is very efficient but when idling ,the pollution is not just slightly increased ,it increases manifold.

Just imagine the amount of pollution caused by long queues of traffic standing at junctions when good Traffic Management could reduce it significantly.

Efficient Traffic Management should be the priority of every Council,yet traffic lights are still ‘set up’ in an era when there was much fewer vehicles on the roads. Take the junction at Firvale and Herries Road. When the lights go to green to proceed up Herries Road from Firvale,the lights controlling traffic turning left towards City,remain at red. No other traffic would be inconvenienced if they were allowed to continue.

There must be other instances of this which frustrate motorists throughout Sheffield.

The new lights system at the recently constructed road layout at Leppings Lane is another example. Light change to red for vehicle coming from City and travelling away towards Grenoside and the lights in Leppings Lane go to green,yet vehicles wishing to turn left towards Grenoside are completely blocked by the standing traffic.

To facilitate good traffic flows and make a really serious attempt to reduce pollution it is necessary to have a Traffic Management Team that can assess the needs of particular junctions and not just switch the lights on and ‘hope for the best’. If you are really serious about pollution Sheffield City Council,then make a determined effort and get the traffic moving!!!.

BA Morton

Cotswold Road, Sheffield, S6 4QY