Sheffield city centre

Don't get me wrong, I love Sheffield, my adopted home town, ( I've lived here 33 years), but the city centre is sadly lacking.

Thursday, 9th February 2017, 6:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:49 am

Our new flagship store on the moor is Primark and yes we have John Lewis but Leeds knocks Sheffield into a cocked hat.

They have two city centre shopping malls as well as White Rose.

I visited the new John Lewis in the Victoria gate centre. It was truly magnificent.

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The centre has been brilliantly designed and built. They have the Victorian arcades and the Trinity centre as well.

What have we got, not a lot. Why can’t we attract some large stores, Selfridges or Harvey Nichols, why won’t people invest in the city.

Come on Sheffield council we are falling behind all our neighbouring cities.

Something must be done.

Karen Keyworth


Care home

I read The Star every night and was upset about the article about people who sleep rough.

Why is it when caravan people come to Sheffield they have had sites built for them even though they don’t contribute any money?

When refugees come we find them homes.

I can understand what Tim Renshaw says, but most of the homeless I have seen are young people.

There is a care home on Barnsley Road that has been empty for about two years.

Why can’t this place be used for these people?

Mrs BK


Thanks Veolia

I phoned Veolia services about our pavement which had a very deep collection of leaves, I phoned at 4pm and a very polite lady put me through to someone to deal with the problem.

Again, a very nice man took my name and address and promised to try to solve my problem. The same night at about 9 o’clock, a machine came down and cleared the paths. I can only say I was amazed at the quickness. It was lovely next morning to be able to use our footpath.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all concerned at Veolia.

Mrs E Mannion

Beaver Hill Road, S13

Seen more fat on a chip

Hold the front page, Gaga is taking a pasting in the papers because she has a pot belly.

Oh my giddy aunt, that woman no more has a belly than I do a beard.

What is wrong with people?

She’s a woman who’s made a career out of being slightly bizarre and fair play to her for that but I have seen more fat on a chip and they wonder why eating disorders are on the increase.

Jayne Grayson

by email

The cafe challenge

Mmmm, 69 cafes to try out in 18 days?

No problem!



The old town hall

When is the City Council going to take the appalling litter that’s dumped in the ‘pit’ outside the Old Town Hall seriously?

It’s recently been cleaned out but thanks to the civic minded people who fill it - well you know the ineviatable outcome.

Remove the pit - no unofficial litter receptacle. Oh for a Churchill - ‘action this day’ on the council.

Meanwhile look at the disgraceful graffitti on the restaurant and shop fronts in Hillsborough.

I know - I should stay in more.

Ron Clayton


Bishop of Sheffield

Surprisingly, your item about the new Bishop of Sheffield, (February 2,) failed to refer to an important aspect of the appointment.

Bishop Philip North may wish the Church to be more involved with the poor, but his concern about injustice does not prevent him from being a prominent opponent of women’s ordination. He does not believe that women should be priests in the Church of England, and he has stated that he will not ordain women candidates as priests.

Before his appointment as suffragan (assistant) bishop of Burnley, he was appointed to a similar position in Whitby, but withdrew after becoming aware of local opposition: a Whitby churchwarden stated that the appointment had left those in favour of women’s ordination feeling ‘puzzled, dismayed and very disappointed’.

I understand that an appointment to a diocesan bishop’s post (such as Sheffield) is unlikely to be reversed by any similar show of sentiment, yet it seems likely that many of the properly-appointed and well-respected female clergy in the Sheffield Anglican diocese - not to mention their clerical and lay colleagues of both sexes - will themselves be dismayed at the arrival of a leader who does not believe in the validity of their priesthood.

Jim Cowley

Sheffield 10

Radio Sheffield

I wholeheartedly agree with Paul Kenny and his views regarding Radio Sheffield’s new schedules.

I have been a faithful listener to our local radio station for many years, but now restrict my listening to Toby Foster’s breakfast show, and sport on Saturday afternoons.

Rony Robinson is an absorbing and entertaining presenter, but his new slot is at an inconvenient time for me.

I understand that he is probably now at an age (37!), when he wants to reduce his hours, but was it really necessary to move the show to the afternoon?

As for Saturday mornings with Cat Cowan... well, don’t get me started on the ridiculous idea of cooking on the radio.

Jimmy Young got away with it years ago, but who had the stupid idea of bringing it back in 2017?

It really does not work.

Fortunately for me, I have discovered Radio Lincolnshire, and am happy to stay with them until Radio Sheffield pull their socks up, and improve the service to South Yorkshire listeners.

Pamela Burgoyne


We want the same price

Is it any wonder that people from the Sheffield region prefer to use Manchester airport?

The same holiday in Cyprus is £268pp from Doncaster but only £215pp from Manchester which is a £106 saving per couple.

The simple answer is give me the same holiday from Doncaster for the same price as Manchester and we’ll use Doncaster.

John Swift

by email