Sheffield Cineworld suffers untimely powercut - 'ruining' films for customers

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It's the last thing you want when you're watching a film.

You're at the cinema, halfway through a film you've been looking forward to for weeks and suddenly, there's a powercut.

Sadly, that's the situation hundreds of film-goers at Sheffield Cineworld have found themselves in today.

Disgruntled customers have taken to Twitter to complain that the cinema suffered a powercut at around 3pm with the films cutting out.

Customers have said that the power is now back on at cinema but films have not restarted as of yet.

The cinema is also warning customers that they are experiencing problems with their website meaning tickets cannot be bought online.

A Cineworld spokesperson said: "We are experiencing some problems with our website today please bear with us whilst our I.T department resolves the issue.

"You can buy tickets in the cinema as usual until this is resolved, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Cineworld has been contacted for a response.