Sheffield church launches 25th anniversary appeal for urgent spire repairs

The damaged spire at St Andrew's Psalter LaneThe damaged spire at St Andrew's Psalter Lane
The damaged spire at St Andrew's Psalter Lane
Although St Andrew's Psalter Lane Church is relatively young, it has noteworthy architectural features that give a grade II listing.

The spire is particularly mentioned in the listing statement, but unfortunately, this is now in urgent need of repair.

The church is a prominent building on the corner of Psalter Lane and Cherry Tree Road.

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Originally Psalter Lane Methodist church, built in 1930, it became St Andrews Psalter Lane Church, a joint Anglican-Methodist partnership in 1998 after the old Anglican St Andrew’s Church, on St Andrew’s Road, suffered serious structural failure and had to be demolished.The present building underwent a extensive renovation to create a calm, comfortable and inspiring space which is now used for Christian Worship as well as providing a flexible venue for community activities.

The building has excellent acoustics and is especially valued by Sheffield Music Academy, the Delphi Trust, Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus, and others.The Church has been recognised with a Silver Eco Church award for its steps, both locally and in the wider community, to reduce the effects of the climate emergency. SAPLC, as the church is known, is part of the ‘Inclusive Church’ network, seeking to build open, welcoming and inclusive church communities that celebrate and affirm every person.The spire, particularly mentioned in the Grade II listing statement, is now in urgent need of repair.

Even from the ground deterioration is apparent but in April 2022,studies from a huge cherry picker revealed that, although the underlying structure is sound, the outer parts all need to be replaced.

If large pieces of timber or metal become detached, they could damage the roof or pose a hazard to users. Ultimately this would lead to closure of the building on safety grounds.

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The specialist conservation architect engaged to assist with the repair work has warned that the repairs must be carried out in 2023, before another winter causes more damage.

This is made more urgent because the spire is now leaking which will accelerate deterioration of the structure and cause internal damage. Unfortunately, the leak cannot be stopped without accessing the spire from the outside.

The Church Council has considered the available options, including complete removal of the spire, but because the building is listed it must be repaired in a like-for-like manner using traditional materials.

Competitive quotes from reputable conservation contractors indicate that the cost will be of the order of £135,000. Although we are in the fortunate position of having some reserves, we need help to pay for these repairs.

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Normal Church income is funded by members’ giving, collections and income from letting church property. It does not receive grants or other income in support of normal operations.

To fund the urgent repair work, we have applied for funds from various bodies and Trusts, and we will be launching a formal appeal for funds from our congregation and the wider community at our 10.30 am service on February 26.

As this year also marks 25 years since the coming together of our two congregations, we are calling it our '25th Anniversary Appeal'.

Repairing the spire is essential to ensure that the Church survives and that our facilities and actions that support the local community will continue to be available.For further information and offers to help or donate, please contact the Church Office ([email protected] or 0114 2678289) or visit our website

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