Sheffield chippy’s sea view has rivals at bay

Batter than all the rest: Artist Paul Staveley.
Batter than all the rest: Artist Paul Staveley.
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WHERE better to enjoy a fish supper than from a spot at the seaside overlooking a picturesque harbour?

If that’s the case then this particular chippy has the lot - well almost.

Rob’s Fish and Chips shop offers the finest fare with a view to die for...and sometimes you can even hear the distant call of gulls.

The only thing that’s missing is the sea.

For this particular chippy isn’t on the coast. It’s about as far away as you can get in land-locked Sheffield where the view comes courtesy of local artist Paul Staveley.

Paul was asked by owner Robert Pearce to add a breath of fresh sea air to the place.

If you walk into the chippy on Greenhill Road, Greenhill, today you’ll be blown away.

Rob said: “I saw Paul’s work in a magazine and it was just like wow.

“I thought Paul would be just the man to create something very special.

“It’s creating so much interest, everyone is talking about it.”

And what makes this mural even more incredible is that Paul completed most of it while the shop was open to customers.

Paul, aged 49, from Beighton, said: “I’ve painted murals in bars, restaurants, shops, pubs and clubs - but never a chip shop before.

“It’s a new one on me but I have to say I certainly enjoyed doing it - especially as I was kept very well fed throughout the two days it took me to complete the work.”

Paul said he based the mural on an ancient picture which he thinks was taken in Cornwall.

He then added the odd boat here and there to give it more of a seaside feel.

And it’s certainly got people talking.

He said: “No end of people came in to take pictures of it on their mobile phones.

“And everyone wanted to talk about it while they were waiting for their fish and chips.”