Sheffield children sign police contracts promising to improve their behaviour

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Sheffield children have signed contracts promising to improve their behaviour.

Police and Community Support Officers dealing with youths causing issues in Chapeltown have issued 'acceptable behaviour contracts' to four youths which ban them from certain areas and give positive steps for them to take to improve their behaviour.

They outline the consequences the children may face if their bad behaviour continues, including their parents losing their homes if they are council tenants.

Parental advisory letters have also been sent to some homes warning parents about the bevhaviour of their children.

Posting on Facebook, Chapeltown resident Michelle Finch said: "Residents of Chapeltown have had to put up with these youths all summer - throwing stones at cars and most recently damaging parked cars during the night.

"A slap on the hand isn't enough. They are not just little kids, these are teenagers that should know better and should be made to at least do some community service."