Sheffield charity dance shows raise thousands for refugee appeal

Dance fever has hit Sheffield with four charity shows which have raised nearly £4,000 for the aid agency CAFOD.

The events featured a variety of performances from the ‘Ladies Dance Group’, made up of 13 women, many of whom are retired.

The ladies, along with another troop of children, all trained for a year in the lead up to the shows, which took place at St Francis’ church hall on Sandygate Road.

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Dance teacher Sarah Bennett helped both groups learn their various routines.

She said: “The shows were a huge success, each was a sell-out and the ladies performed very well. There was even a routine with top hats and canes.

“The youngest person in the Ladies Dance Group is in their twenties and the oldest is in their seventies!

“The 12 months of training really paid off and I would like to thank all the people behind the scenes – the parish hall was transformed!”

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Various other acts were also on offer for the audience to enjoy, including a volunteer band and other solo artists.

Cake sales and raffles were also held during intervals to help raise the impressive amount for CAFOD’s Syrian Refugee Appeal.

Event organiser and CAFOD supporter, Grazyna Swales, said: “As well as giving our community the opportunity to be entertained and have fun, I feel very strongly that we must remember those who are in need.”

CAFOD representative in Hallam, Maggie Mairura, said: “Many thanks to Grazyna and her amazing group of volunteers and dancers.

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“Not only did the events raise valuable funds for CAFOD’s Syrian Refugee Appeal, it raised awareness about refugees and the work of CAFOD in providing food and shelter for very vulnerable people.

It provided an opportunity for the community to put their faith in action by supporting the event so generously.”

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