Sheffield charity breached legal duties over returns

Michelle Russell
Michelle Russell
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A government commission has ruled that a Sheffield recycling charity breached its legal duties by failing to file its annual returns.

The Charity Commission found that Sheffield Reclamation Limited, in Attercliffe, had neglected its duty to file its annual returns after a fire in 2013.

The charity, which was registered in 1993, operates a recycling plant in Sheffield which offers employment to approximately 40 men and women with special needs.

The charity uses the proceeds from the sale of recycling materials to fund its activities.

The commission opened a statutory inquiry into the charity in February 2015.

Michelle Russell, of the Charity Commission, said: “This case is about the basic duties to prepare and file accounts with the commission, ensure that the financial activities of charities are properly recorded and financial governance is transparent.

“Trustees must make sure that they are accurately describing the activities of their charity.

“Charities are accountable to their donors, beneficiaries and the public and donors to charity are entitled to have confidence that their money is going to legitimate causes and reaches the places that it is intended to.”

The commission ensured the trustees submitted their annual accounting information and as a result more than £165,000 of charitable income is now publicly accounted for on the register.

The trustees also showed the commission the charity was carrying out its activities in line with its objects.

The commission said it also found no evidence that the trustees’ failure to submit the accounting information indicated any wider concerns.