Sheffield centre’s five-star hat-trick

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THE Megacentre in Sheffield has been awarded top marks for food hygiene.

Its MegaConferencing, Meganursery and Megakidz sections were each awarded five out of five by the Food Standards Agency.

Louise Davies, director of the business and community facility on Bernard Road, off Sheffield Parkway, said: “This is the first time when all three businesses have scored five out of five.

“Every year, when we are inspected, there is healthy competition. I am thrilled all three have been awarded top marks.

“The competition remains high as all three will want to retain their level in the coming year.”

Profits from MegaConferencing are used to fund MegaCentre’s citywide community programmes.

Louise said: “Not only is there a great camaraderie between the staff, but they know their work makes a difference.

“Whether they are feeding a child, parent or conferencing client, they know their efforts are also rescuing victims of human trafficking, helping pupils, providing emergency food hamper and celebrating the unsung heroes of the city.”