Sheffield bus robber behind bars

Lee Capelli jailed for 30 months for robbery
Lee Capelli jailed for 30 months for robbery
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A robber targeted a fellow passenger aboard a busy bus before making off with his mobile phone, a court heard.

Lee Christopher Capelli, aged 41, prised the £300 handset from the clutches of Nigel Wood as he made his way home from work on Sheffield’s number 52 service.

Capelli pounced on the IT worker on the top deck of a bus headed for Woodhouse at around 8pm and a struggle ensued.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how the victim let go when the defendant told him, ‘I have a knife, I will stab you’.

Capelli rushed past shocked passengers before fleeing the bus via an emergency exit.

CCTV footage was used to track him down following the incident on October 24 and he was arrested five days later.

Neil Coxon, prosecuting, said: “Witnesses saw him exit the bus speedily.

“When he was taken into custody he was frank and candid and said he had consumed alcohol on the day of the offence. He said he had decided to commit the robbery a few stops before he did so.

“The defendant said he had keys in his pocket which might have pressed against the victim.

“He told police officers that within 10 minutes of exiting the bus he had sold the phone for a sum of £20.”

Capelli, of Rodman Street, Woodhouse, Sheffield, pleaded guilty to robbery.

Ian Goldsack, defending, said: “When he was arrested he made a full admission.

“He has worked hard to rid himself of the offending caused by a long-term problem with drink.

“Before he committed this offence he was extremely socially isolated. The only contact he had with others was going to the off licence.”

Capelli, who has an extensive record of offences for dishonesty and burglary, was jailed for 30 months.

Judge Robert Moore QC said: “It must be made clear when anyone robs passengers on a bus at night the court will impose a lengthy prison sentence.”