Sheffield burglaries down to lowest level in nine years - but still over 200 a month

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The number of burglaries in Sheffield have fallen to their lowest level in nine years - but there are still more than 200 per month happening in the city.

In April 2015, a total of 211 burglaries were reported in the city, the lowest number since 2006.

Police have credited a change in their tactics, better home security systems and higher vigilance from residents as among the reasons for the reduction.

Superintendent Scott Green, South Yorkshire Police lead for burglary, said: “I am pleased that the number of burglaries committed within Sheffield continues to reduce.

“Over the last four years, the number of recorded burglaries in the month of April averaged at 282. The latest figure of 211 in April 2015 means that 71 less homes were broken into.

“We are committed to stopping burglars and have used ‘cocooning’ techniques, which involves the delivery of a police letter and burglary alert kit to surrounding properties, after a burglary has taken place in the area.

“This helps residents to secure their homes against the burglars who are targeting the area.

“We will continue to share our security tips throughout the summer so that we can all enjoy our homes and gardens, whilst protecting our property.”

Earlier this year, a Freedom of Information request revealed just one in five burglaries are solved in South Yorkshire.

Between January 2008 and the end of December 2013 there were 46,847 burglaries reported across the county, with 8,989 solved.

One-quarter of the burglars who were caught were under 18.